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Icon Management

Hi, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me here, I've been using Amiga for a long time and equally have been using WinUAE for ages, but have only recently discovered Amiga-in-a-Box and the joy of Amiga Hard-drives oh the sheer thrill of the speed.

But i was hoping to set up a folder or a section of my workbench screen to have all the icons for my lovely hard-drive installed games...dragging and dropping onto the workbench screen works so long as i have 'leave out' set but when i quit WinUAE i lose it all, i've tried snapshotting but that also failed

Is it posible to create...sorry...window's style shortcuts to the desired icons from another folder or location to save having to keep messing about delving into all the different folders.

Help please, also can anyone recommend a good icon management tools for changing certain icons thats actually user friendly? oh and preferably downloadable
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