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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
You've answered yourself

I don't know Diskmaster, but if it makes what I think, then use Directory Opus that is the best.

It seems you've find the second program I've heard in years that doesn't work right with CyberBugFix. The other is ScummVMAGA by Novacoder...
CyberBugFix is like Russian Roulette then.
I like both DiskMaster and DOpus, but for now i will continue using DiskMaster 2.5.30a instead of 2.6.

I'm planning next week to install this CWB3.9 CF in my A600 with vampire 2. The Vampire 2 has his own chipram saver, so i won't need the Russian "CyberBugFix" Roulette anymore

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