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should gl_guardband be on for Voodoo?
On the other engines using minigl it is a recomendation to enable it, so why not this one. Certain stuff to benefit from minigl code could be used for better performance but didn't try it further as one of my Q3 versions failed miserably when running on real Amigas, although some of this features seems to be ignored or no problematic for Morphos-Trance.

Are the marks a texture?
Probably. Looks like a "null" texture used in combination with the real one to create the dimming effect just like the "wrong" ones seen in Hexen2. I suspect that some of the blending modes working with other Q engines are tailored in the Amiga sources, but I don't know what is the methodology used for them.

Have tried the 68k version with WinUAE/Quarktex
Works with single playing without going to the client/lan route? Good then

graphics problems
There is a problem with this alpha version: Minigl doesn't seem to be perfectly enabled (syncronized?) at the time of running the game, specially with windowmode where you can see parts of the screen not being rendered. Not a big problem with full screen, but I suppose that the bug about not seeing the models on the menu/player is also related. Same with cinematics that crash the engine.

Q3 expects that all opengl stuff is OK when running but old minigl isn't quite there: For example I can't enable/disable vertex_arrays on the engine because the result is always a black screen. Later versions of minigl are based on a big vertex array enabled all the time for almost any kind of rendering function. Maybe a new updated minigl for the task could be build using best of both worlds. I'm looking at that possibility with older 1.4 versions of minigl.

What about using Wazp3D & full screen?
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