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It is clear how this thread developed, I have nothing to prove.
Just because people disagreed with you you said the topic "does not interest them". This is your assumption based on your bias that does not accept a different opinion that says "the Amiga palette is fine". You have belittled absolutely everybody whose opinion was "the palette was fine". The topic is the palette and that is a valid opinion too, an opposing opinion, but still on topic.

Your aggressive demeanor towards me just proves your intolerance. You went and took a shot at me in another thread for no reason too, proving your "taste is superior" to anyone else's because you "are better" at whatever topic you choose to be.

And you keep referring to how you are "controlling yourself", denoting an anger issue. You keep saying how "nice" you are being by not "blowing up" about someone completely disagreeing with you. How mature.

As an adult, I entered an interesting topic only to be attacked by a little kid who decided his word was rule on the topic and nobody else opposing it had the right to speak.
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