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For people who seems not to understand (yes, you, Akira) :
The title thread is "Rainbow Islands (alternative palette)".

It's not "Speedball 2 cd32 (alternative palette)".
It's not "Should Rainbow Islands need a palete fix ?"
It's not "Was the coin-op palette a mess ?".
It's not "Is the Amiga 16 colors palette is better than the original one?"
It's not "try-to-find-unargumented-reasons-why-a-512-colors-palette-is-better-than-a-4096-or-8192-one".
It's not "Did they choise this palette for artistic reason or technical one?" (because YOU know the answer).
It's not "Why the f*** did you think that this game need a palette fix?"

If the project doesn't interest you then don't post !
If you're convinced that this game colors are perfectly chosen then don't post.
Stick to the original one.

If you think that the colors need to be fixed then suggest.
If you think that it's a mess to have choosen a st palette ten suggest.
If you think that it's ridiculous to have kept the same palette for the whole game then suggest.

I was expected different opinions than mine, but coming from people interested by the project and with the minimum common base that YES, this one needs a fix.

People who don't think the palette needs a fix are out of topic.

I am the first one opened to different opinions than mine, but it's not that some are doing here : you're giving opinions about the well-founded of a such fix, and by definition you're already out of topic.

The question is not that this game needs a fix or not : this one is taken as the base and leitmotiv of this thread. If you don't feel concerned by this then avoid to give unconstructive opinion.

I really (and i insist) retained myself not to explode verbally the ones who not only think that this game don't need a fix (what are they doing here here ???), but most of all are incapble of writting why they still prefer the original palette.

As scu68Rkr said it VERY WELL, the choice of the game is MY BUSINESS and has nothing to do with the thread topic. And i exposed precise reasons that were systematically IGNORED by those who flamed. Dennis was one of the rare to quote the founded artistic and technical reasons i raised that make a palette fix be a really relevant decision (merci compatriote, j'appr├ęcie).

That's not a problem if you prefer the original palette, you're free to have your own tastes (even if i don't see why someone can objectively claim that a palete who make sprites be invisible is a great choice, this point is your business not mine).

The problem (and this is disrespect) is to flame someone who already started a project if you're absolutly not interested at all by the founded reasons that starts a project.
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