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Apparently a lot of people here do the confusion between an insult and a strong objective opinion, and also seem to take part about threads they simply don't care about. First time in 10 years at EAB that i'm really surprised about people reactions, and i really don't have time to waste by dealing with such imature behaviours. 2 pages more and i bet i would have read a "Anyway the Amiga version is the best, not only on the palette point of view". And you dare to call this unrespect from me ? Read better first, it's called "fixed palette". If you think that this game doesn't need one then what the f*** are you doing on this thread ?! In 10 years i never lacked of respect about anyone, and i also never took place on thread that i don't care about.

What made me really angry was the one who wrote "add the 3 missing islands and I will consider blabla idk what". First sign of a total unrespect. So what, is it the REAL Amiga community mentality guys ? People incapable for most of all to type 1 line of code and act as "never satisfied" ?! At my home we call this arrogance and king-child attitude.

Go on like this guys, and nothing will be released on Amiga. What makes live the community is people who do (crazy) stuffs, whatever big or not they are. A new crack, a bug fix, a palette hack, etc. Everything is worth.

Three big pending stuffs (no link with Rainbow Islands) were coming, 2 on Amiga and 1 on which i work on since 2 years.

You want to add the 3 hidden islands ? OPEN A ASM BOOK AND MOVE UR ASS TO LEARN TO CODE INSTEAD OF CRITIZING OTHERS. Ok ? This, it was an insult. You see the difference ?

I wrote to RCK to close my EAB account, thanks to all the people here with which i exchanged during these 10 years to exhibit new cracks proposals and bug fixes, it was really cool !
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