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Originally Posted by Belgarath View Post
Are you sure GB Amiga is finding them?

You shouldn't add the sps directory to the extras path, you should add the extras directory to the path and only the extras directory, then create a subdir called SPS and put the sps files in there and then run the spsmove.bat so that they are in further numbered subdirs.

Wow this was cpl of years ago, but I cannot get this dammed Amiga Emulator working and have been stuck here for 48 hours now trying everything possible...

The trouble I have is that it keeps telling me the disk image cannot be played (IPF) because an SPS plugin is needed.

I downloaded the win_64bit version and inside found a dll file labled capsimg_x64.dll and theres no instructions as what to do with it?

The readme says stick it in the main directory, but that hasnt changed anything. hmmm not sure if its meant to go somewhere specific, but its driving me to suicide. PLEASE HELP!!!!! Thankyou...
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