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Brilliance 2 crashing if WB is set to a RTG mode

I am having a problem where Brilliance 2 will crash on startup if I have WB set to a RTG screen mode.
If I set it to a standard Amiga screenmode it will run fine. I tried doing that and ran the program and saved the startup screenmode in the pref settings, and I could see the settings were indeed saved in the program's icon tool types but when I go back to a RTG WB then it crashes.
I am using the latest (purchased from icomp) version of p96 2.4.2 and with a PicassoIV board which I have flashed with 7.5 software.

I also tried running newmode and intercepting Brilliance and forcing it to a start amiga screenmode but didn't have any success with that either.

Anyone have this problem and know a fix?
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