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Very nice

An idea for your software, when you get so far... let the "pi side" act as a proxy for the Amiga, so that Amiga software can continue to use legacy code and protocols, and then let the Pi side translate those to new fancy and cpu heavy protocols.

* web/ftp socks proxy, so Amiga can reach IPv6 only sites (I do this already using tinyproxy)
* https proxy, proxy for websites that do https, doing the validation of the remote https server certificate, while providing the content to the Amiga over http (I do this already using nginx.)
* telnet/rsh/ssh hop-host, let the Linux side offer telnet service to the Amiga side, and also password-less rsh connection, from which the user can use ssh on the linux side to reach the world (I do this already, pretty awesome to remote control my linux based clusters from the Amiga shell, arexx and GUIs)

Just for show... the systems I do this for, currently:

* A3000 s/CSPPC - Pi2b stuck into ISA slot for 5V power, with short USB extender and wifi USB dongle out the back of the A3000, connected to A3000 via Deneb and USB ethernet, acting as NAT gateway, tinyproxy, telnet +rsh/ssh etc, and with additional console to the serial port, like on the A600

* CD32/TF328 - Pi zero W connected to the riser card's serial port, Roadshow with PPP over the serial port between the CD32 and the Pi, Pi acting as NAT server, wireless gateway, tinypropxy, telnet+rsh/ssh etc

* CD32/SX32+Plipbox - Pi zero W with USB ethernet dongle connected to plipbox on the SX32 parallel port, again NAT server, wireless gateway, tinyproxy... yadida...

* A1200/Blizz1260 + pcmcia ethernet - pi zero W with USB ethernet dongle connected to the pcmcia ethernet, doing... you can guess by now

* A600 w/Vampire V600 - pi zero W built into case, usb ethernet to Vampire SD-card slot, acting as NAT server, gateway to the world over the Pi wifi, tinyproxy, telnet + rsh/ssh (In addition, I have console of the Pi on the A600 serial port)

* CDTV w/Vampire V500 - pi zero W, usb ethernet to Vampire SD-card slot, NAT server, gateway over the Pi wifi, tinyproxy, telnet + rsh/ssh...

* MiST FPGA board - pi zero connected to the serial pins, pi with USB wifi dongle, MiST with Roadshow and PPP, the pi doing the usual stuff

* MiSTer FPGA board - pi zero not needed, as MiSTer has the linux side built in, PPP between Amiga side and Linux side for now, hopes for something faster in the future

* Minimig + rs232 bluetooth - the "pi" is really a remote G4 mac mini in this case, with Linux, offering the same services to the Minimig as the Pis do on my other system.

The idea of offering a bsdsocket.library to the Amiga is a good one, then much of the mentioned proxying can happen very transparently
I am currently very busy with conference and being away on vacation out July, but I will try to find time to look at your project too.

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