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Will you back port some of the stuff to Q3 as it seems much faster. I'm referring to the missing models in the menu and such?
In fact those are my latest Q3 updates, but didn't want to upload another beta(4,5 or 6) just for the sake of "details"....and some render improvements for dynamic lights and fog that now are inside same gllockarray() stuff, etc, etc.

Had openarena for a while but some stuff was missing, like locating more openarena servers: Fixed it, played online like 2 hours and found it was ok so, why not uploading it ?

Newer Q3 will be delivered to the chosen ones ...noooo

Still strong on vbcc: Hope for an update of it regarding data structure alignment for some altivec. Maybe a gcc port just for it, but I'm busy with another id3tech absurdity.....
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