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Bit more help setting this up would be appreciated :-)

It's a full replacement of Q3 (exe, data & configs): No need at all for the Q3 ones.

I have the new exec (openarena) and the new dir (baseoa) in the same place where Q3 resides: No problem there, but maybe could be if a multiplayer arena needs new pak data and you have already another downloaded before by Q3.

If it asks for download, enable "cl_allowDownload" on console or config.

Has almost the same problems as last Q3 beta: Whatever option that switches off the display, screws the game (still can figure out that without the faster vertexarrays).

But, new fixes and usual updates from various sources: Model is visible now on menu settings (a minigl enhancement) & flares lights start to work (but not on vertexLight mode of course).
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