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wow ! If this isn't motivation enough, then i don't know what else could be

Thank you Cammy ! You must read through the forums intensively and dayli, or how else could you have posted this so fast

Well, i don't abandon the project, i have it just put on freeze. In fact i'm actually working on another Amiga project. It's a Captive remake we trying to do, some people from this forum. I don't think you will be able to check it out, it's a private forum, but i'll give you the link just so you can see it's true:

I definitively will continue QON affter this, i promize !

Thank you for the support !

And to Meynaf: sorry for talking about something else than Heroes of might and magic II on this thread, and i really expect you to make it playable before i continue the coding on QON !
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