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Originally Posted by nujack View Post
When "Quests Of Nargoth" is finished.
OW !! that was a hard punch

QON is to slow on a real Amiga, it's fact. Maybe i could get it to run a bit faster if i would recode it for 68030+ processors (it's entierly made in 68000). I could maybe also gain a little bit of speed if using Kaalms chunky to plannar routine. .. maybe.. probably not that much..
..well , it's just so much work , and i'm not in the mood to get on it atm.

I should probably edit my signature and remove QON from it, but who knows, maybe someone who could really , and i mean REALLY ! motivate me, might miss it then, we never know

I think we should blam Blizzard for my lazyness ! Yes, World of Warcraft stole all my programming motivation ! And also Heroes of might and magic 3's fault ! don't forget Dark Soul's !! .. oh, and that remembers me i need to go level my Berzerker char in Skyrim !! NOW ! See you later !!
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