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Ah the highs and lows of A500 ownership.

I've got the day off today! I decided to treat myself to A WHOLE DAY of tracking on the Amiga. Made a cup of tea, turned the Amiga on... nothing on the screen.

I've tried turning it off and on a few times and its behaviour has varied. Removed all the peripherals in case any was causing an issue. Generally the power LED blinks, although once it just lit up and made some funny little clicking sounds from around the flloppy drive. Generally it's silent, the monitor is blank and the power LED blinks.

I pulled the trapdoor RAM out to see if that made a difference. It still won't boot up but the LED seemed to blink more slowly.

Opened it up, made sure all the chips were seated firmly. No change.

Opened up the PSU to check for obvious damage, then measured the voltage on the pins. All seems well.

Any ideas? At this stage I'm tempted to just buy a reconditioned A1200 off of eBay...unless anyone has anything for sale on here. I know I want to keep on going with Amiga music, and sooner or later I'll probably want to upgrade anyway. Maybe now's the time...

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