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Thanks to Plasmab and Solidcore on this one for the firmware fixes to v41 TF328.

I managed to get the second CF recognised with the dual CF adaptor and the CF to SD adaptor plugged into the second slot.

The weird thing is though... after partitioning the second CF with HDToolBox, it does not show up at all as unformatted after a reboot.

I had to mount it with mounter in Tools.
I could then access the partition and format it PFS3.
All partitions are now PFS3 and the system is like shit off a shovel.

Well happy.
Ditched 3.9 and went back to 3.5, added the following to my Startup-Sequence after doing some digging (found on Aminet)...

C: Fblit
C: Ftext

Which offloads the icon memory to fast ram and the system rom to fast ram.
It's so fast and no icon lag refresh.
Even with the above patches I still had a weird freeze on 3.9??? I think it has something to do with the tcp/ip as I haven't installed it on 3.5.

I also used the latest icon.library and the 020 version has been added also.

The only thing I noticed is that when the second CF is enabled, there is no cd activity light when a cd is put in the drive or accessed.
As soon as you unplug the second CF card (on the ribbon end) the CD light comes back.
It's no issue for me... but someone might be interested to know.
I do have the 'shared light' mod with the cd access don't forget.

I hope this helps you guys... I aim for a nice running CD32
Anybody else noticed the TF328 chucks the Flashback intro gfx way ahead of the music because of the accelerated ram? lol

I'll post some porn below.

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