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Hi all.

I received my boards order today and i just built the CD32 expansion board.

Here are some pics of it, i haven't programmed the chip for the keyboard yet, thats later today/tomorrow. Pictures are a little grainy due to lack of light. The SCART cable was supplied by and works great, Actually it could have been left as a 25 pin DSUB as my connector is also a 25 pin connector (the top left and bottom left pins are not used so a 23 pin video cable would plug in on the right side of the connector leaving the left pins unused.

oops, soldered the 8 pin socket on upside down, pin 1 should be bottom right, ah well, this one is mine

CD32 is connected to theHDMI input to the TV using the RGB connector from the CD32 and then going to the SCART/HDMI adapter. Picture quality is excellent.

i will post some pics of the other project tomorrow

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