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I remember the game, been years since I last played it, good game
More goodies

On the left, we have a popular fighting game, Super Street Fighter II released on the PC in 1996.
Right besides that we find the Turbo Edition featuring faster fighting speed, 4 new characters, new locations, CD audio,
and extra moves for the original characters.

In the middle we find CivNet from 1995, which is basically a multiplayer version (single player included) of the original Civilization.
Due to the Launch of Civ2 a few months later and CivNet being late, it never got much attention and was soon forgotten.
The two last games are Need For Speed 1 Special Edition from 1996, sometimes considered as the
lost episode of Need for Speed, and NFS2 SE from 1996/1997, both which are classics, like Lotus is on the Amiga

I have ripped a few tracks of STF2T and NFS2SE which I think people will remember
Check this link, add music for name to login.
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