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Originally posted by manicx
Actually no. the primary market for cosnole developers is the Japanese market. Ruling in the Japanese market means survival. Ruling in the American means profit beyond break even and if you manage to do this in Europe you are world leader.
What the...? Do you have any idea about the global games market? Western games hardly ever sell in any decent numbers in Japan. Western companies target the US market over all others. The European market is big, but it's a hassle because of the localization, meaning that some games are not released in Europe at all. Japanese companies target the Japanese market. The cultures are different, the games are different. It just so happens that quite a few Japanese games are successful in the West because they are more gameplay orientated rather than the current profit-orientated mentality from Western publishers (sequels, licences). If a film is not successful (or released) in Japan, the corresponding game will obviously not sell on the name alone. Your view of the game industry is quite wrong.
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