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I think BTTR knew what they were doing... Hear me out here...

BTTR do a site everyone would love.. lots of great games/demos/legal stuff etc....... (basically BTTR would grab all the fish (aka "us users")

Either accident, or deliberate... (doesn't really matter), BTTR go offline, and never come back...

Outcome? By leaving up the site, but taking down where the files are hosted, users only would crave for this, but cannot get at any. And since the site is locked to redirecting to BTTR, and only them since they also conveniently host legal stuff, the balls in their court, and no one can do anything about it without them.

No one else can host it, without the proper licenses/permission, must be new domain.

So, as a result??, I think BTTR knew exactly what they were doing.... Otherwise there would be constant contact.. Or at the very least their blog would have been kept up-to-date.

Ingenious....... Because its working... All that juicy content just makes me foam at the mouth

Again, this is a long shot, but i'll just stick it out there, coz it IS possible.

Just like for example how people would shut down a forum for example because they the mods don't want to hear the stuff from their users. But that did happen to some site... (can't remember which one)

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