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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
From what I understand yes you need to terminate the scsi bus regardless of what devices are connected.
Yes, both ends (and only the ends) must have terminators. The terminators for the controller end are next to the internal SCSI header on the A2091.

However in the A2091 example, if you have a multi device internal chain as well as an external chain, you will have terminators in the middle of the chain as well.

Now continuing to think: IIRC the SCSI spec allows for a 10cm pigtail cable between the target and the bus, so technically if you have only one internal drive on the bus with a max 10cm cable, and leave your internal drive unterminated, it would still be set up according to the spec as long as your external chain is terminated properly.

Now, that said... I have a squirrel scsi with cd drive in a drawer that I've not used in years but I was looking at it the other night and it doesn't have a terminator fitted. I'm almost sure it had one before and it does (or did) work but I've no idea what I've done with the terminator so maybe it didn't have one. Who knows haha. Would be interested to hear what others say.
If the CD drive's enclosure has two SCSI connectors and no obvious terminator switch, you should have a terminator on one SCSI connector and the bus connects to the other.
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