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Originally Posted by vk3heg View Post
I've got a order stuck at payment received since the 17th May. No response to emails (Twice) or via the website.

If nothing is received from them, I'll be placing a claim with paypal.
They have taken money from me to the tune of over £300, I contacted them a couple of weeks ago and was told they
where behind with orders with orders and that somebody would contact me soon, since then nothing, I may well try to
contact them again today with a supply or refund ultimatum and see what happens.
See reply below.....

My colleagues of the sales department are under a heavy workload due to a rise of orders and
support requests, and also due to the extraordinary difficulties resulting from Covid-19. We are
working hard and doing our best to process all this worklo
We know that your was made at the beginning of may and we are running late.
We are here, don't worry. Please, give us just a little bit of time to respond to you properly.
I have created an alert for them about your case.
My colleagues will contact you as soon as possible to solve your case.

Thank you for your patience and for trusting us.

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