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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
What do you mean by servers?

If netplay gets implemented, it will be simple command line based feature ("start listening", "connect to master"). Not much more. At least in first "version".
Depending on what approach you would take for netplay, as under my speculation that you may use the same method as FS-UAE netplay uses. To have an idea, FS-UAE does a full emulation and shares all ROM and input changes with the clients and the master, as host and clients all emulate the same exact Amiga machine with the same hardware and peripherals and synchronizes all peripheral inputs (This method allows for synchronization to be lost if differences in the emulation are found).
Another way would be to just share the screen and allow remote joy/key input from the clients, but this method may require a steady upload bandwidth from the master. (as done with the PSNet/Shareplay)
Will you be using any of these methods?

Below I mention some of the benefits for a remote server to run as a master-host (by having a dedicated WinUAE listening), but again it all depends on what approach you would prefer to take for netplay.

1) Eliminates the need for the user to allow forwarding of specific ports on their router or anti-virus firewall (By my experience, over 2/3 of the users still have trouble with applying these settings.)

2) Allows a steady bandwidth for 2 or more clients connecting (players/spectators), depending on their location and ping responses times. (Most users to my experience do not have the ideal setup for acting as a host and upload speeds are saturated over their WiFi connections. I also strongly suggest to everyone not to use WiFi for netplay over fast paced games.)

So to answer your question, I have a few servers running Debian Linux and acting as dedicated hosts running fs-uae-netplay (master) currently in UK, Germany, Italy, US and Bulgaria.
So just for you to know, Whenever you have something ready, I would gladly add WinUAE dedicated master hosts on every one of them if your netplay method allows or requires this. :-)

Keep up the good work!!!
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