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Originally Posted by a7mag3ddon View Post
Ahh I see, thank you for that info. The reason I asked because I recently read about mighty bomb jack for Amiga and I went to play it and it was missing from my games. Tosec is 31GB and is far too large for me to download for just the games.

I now have that game so all good however it make me think, what other games are missing :-)
I assume you are talking about TOSEC in

There is a multiple ways to leech what you want from there.

From simple use of Firefox + DownThemAll addon to scripting downloads with wget. (Covered that with mags, little modification to edit it for other purpose -

Simplest way - go to - and check what is inside ZIP archive and download files you want without downloading whole archive.

If you have DownThemAll - first time download Using DownThemAll! and once you set where to download, just right click - dTa One Click files you like to download.

WIth dTa you can even import list of files you like to download.

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