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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
I switched "Remove interlace artifacts" on from under "Display" for all MAC games. If you don't then artifacts are present when moving and are very noticeable IMHO.

Regarding "Blackthorne"...

Before finalising / uploading the latest update pack; I noticed that if I switch "Remove interlace artifacts" off then the game runs a bit better; but decided to leave it on as I don't like the artifacts.

I've just been testing again and maybe that was the wrong decision...

What do you think guys? Try the game with / without "Remove interlace artifacts" ticked and let me know i.e. is it better to put up with artifacts for a speed increase?
No comments or have people not had the chance to try?

Anyway, think I'm going with switching off "Remove interlace artifacts".

Updated configuration file attached; just extract into "C:\WinUAE"

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