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New 68k-JIT for ARM in development

Michal Schulz startet to work on a new 68k-JIT for ARM.
The goal is an inclusion in his AROS big-endian RasPi port.

I wrote you once that in the future there will be a possibility to use m68k binaries with AROS on RasPi, and I really mean it. So, few months ago I've started to look around for any available m68k emulators. And you know what? There are plenty of them. Hurray? No. They are either slow interpreters written eons ago as a proof of concept, or GPL licensed. Even though I find GPL ok and use it myself from time to time, I find it too restrictive in this case. Besides I wanted to try something new
his announcement:

the new Emu68 is on Github - in its very early stage:
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