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Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
I should probably update this thread for anyone else who might venture into airey36 territory without knowing the kind of seller he is.

I bought a board from him and took him at his word that it was tested and working. So I took my time getting around to putting it in my Amiga since I had a lot on. Long story short, he had not tested it properly and after trying several known working floppy drives and buying a new one, I told him I wanted to return it.

He agreed to relist it so I returned it. At this point, it was supremely difficult to get him to respond to my emails and over months there was no sign of it being listed. He has told me that he can't get other drives to work on it either except for the one he tested on which was not a common drive type in Amigas.

To this day, he has the motherboard and my money. He has not listed the board as he is "busy with his own items" and he continues to ignore my emails save about two replies I received over a period of about ten months.

After the ordeal, I left it to one side. But I know people buying at the moment and have heard some unfortunate stories so I thought I should warn people.
As a matter of interest, what method of payment did you use/make to the guy for the A1200 motherboard?

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