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I am a little bit stuck with partitioning and formatting of a 256GB SSD under fs-uae under linux.
I am running with kickstart 3.1.4 and the drive is being detected with a correct size by the HDToolBox from 3.1.4 install disk. I am able to add PFS3aio to RDB without issue and configure a boot partition apx 256MB and a 2nd partition of apx 99GB (both with 4096 block size). These two format fine, but any partitions above them fail to format with "not a valid DOS disk" error some time after the quick format starts. Not quite sure if this is PFS issue or OS problem as the FFS (from 3.1.4) also suffers from the same issue.
It is quite close to 104GB limit PFS3aio mentions though, but my assumption was that it was partition size limitation, not the disk.
ANy pointers would be appreciated! Thanks a mill!

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