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Thanks. ScummVM 030 doesn't seem to work for me. I assume that would only run a few point and click adventure games? I like the idea of a full CD32 emulator.

I own a surf squirrel external CD-ROM drive. The installation disk has a CD32 emulator on it, but my Amiga 1200 currently has no internal floppy disk drive. I have an external floppy disk drive. I could write the installation disk image to a floppy disk (assuming I've got one that still works!) and install the emulator (assuming the installer is compatible with an external floppy disk drive). Failing that perhaps I could mount the disk image.

The problem is, CD32 emulators, such as the one on the surf squirrel installation disk and IDEfix97, don't seem to work with ISOs as standard. Does anyone know if they can be made to work with an ISO mounted with a separate program? Disk Image mounts the ISO successfully but I get the "Inquire of diskimage.device unit 3 failed" error through the IDEfix97 CD32 emulator. The other programs I tried tell me the ISO I've mounted is not a DOS disk when I try to access it through the shell.

ScummVM would be better than nothing if I could get it working.
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