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Sorry to bring this up again but I've downloaded a Simon the Sorcerer CD32 ISO from this zip file on; the archive was listed under possible downloads on

There is a number of threads on the forum dealing with running the CD32 version of this game on the Amiga 1200. This one in particular looked promising, but it doesn't work for me through WinUAE.

I haven't tried the above on a real Amiga yet because it takes too long to copy files of that volume onto the CF card through WinUAE.

It would be nice to have a solution which can run CD32 games from CD-ROM or ISO or CD-ROM contents on the HD. I'm happy with running Beneath a Steel Sky from DOS after booting without a startup-sequence. Does anyone know of a similar method for Simon the Sorcerer? Also, is there a quicker way to copy files from Windows volumes to Amiga volumes through WinUAE?

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