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Originally Posted by tygre View Post
Hi AndyHants

Aside question: how did you see that via SnoopDos? I miss a tool that could tell me which socket functions are being called!

Ah, I can't explain this... Maybe I messed up with the appicon Let me try to reproduce this problem and fix it Thanks for the tip!

Actually, AmiModRadio is a "single instance" Commodity, thanks to MUI . I'm not familiar with AmiStart but you should see AmiModRadio in Exchange, even when it disappears when you iconify it. Could you try and let me know?

Oops - sorry my bad on the initial SnoopDos reference - I see the server poling under the Log tab in AmiModRadio & not SnoopDOS - its the repeated Fetcher references I see in SnoopDOS.

On your last point sorry for being thick but can you tell me where to find 'Exchange' ? Thanks
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