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Hi AndyHants

Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
Thanks for the update, certainly seems to solve the interminable delays of previous versions (using SnoopDos it looked like it was spending forever poling a server for ratings for each mod).

Aside question: how did you see that via SnoopDos? I miss a tool that could tell me which socket functions are being called!

Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
The problem I find now with v99991 is that it won't Iconify. I'm running it on AmiKit X & when I click on the Iconify option from the left-most top rh corner pull-down menu it just disappears with no icon whereas previous versions left an icon on the AmiKit desktop as per normal.

Not sure if it's a bug or something I'm doing wrong but I set it up as per the previous versions on my AmiKit X config. Any thoughts / views would be appreciated.
Ah, I can't explain this... Maybe I messed up with the appicon Let me try to reproduce this problem and fix it Thanks for the tip!

Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
Oh btw not sure if this helps but I can access it again if I move the AmiModRadio icon to the AmiStart menu at the bottom of the AmiKit screen (a la Windows taskbar) but I suspect I'm actually starting another instance maybe. When I watch it under SnoopDos & click on the AmiModRadio icon in AmiStart (after iconfying the original instance & it disappearing) the app reappears but in SnoopDos I get a never ending list of AmiModRadio Fetcher repeating (which obviously didnt occur when I run it the first time before iconifying).
Actually, AmiModRadio is a "single instance" Commodity, thanks to MUI . I'm not familiar with AmiStart but you should see AmiModRadio in Exchange, even when it disappears when you iconify it. Could you try and let me know?

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