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Thanks for the update, certainly seems to solve the interminable delays of previous versions (using SnoopDos it looked like it was spending forever poling a server for ratings for each mod).

The problem I find now with v99991 is that it won't Iconify. I'm running it on AmiKit X & when I click on the Iconify option from the left-most top rh corner pull-down menu it just disappears with no icon whereas previous versions left an icon on the AmiKit desktop as per normal.

Not sure if it's a bug or something I'm doing wrong but I set it up as per the previous versions on my AmiKit X config. Any thoughts / views would be appreciated.

Oh btw not sure if this helps but I can access it again if I move the AmiModRadio icon to the AmiStart menu at the bottom of the AmiKit screen (a la Windows taskbar) but I suspect I'm actually starting another instance maybe. When I watch it under SnoopDos & click on the AmiModRadio icon in AmiStart (after iconfying the original instance & it disappearing) the app reappears but in SnoopDos I get a never ending list of AmiModRadio Fetcher repeating (which obviously didnt occur when I run it the first time before iconifying).
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