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@Toni and @grelbfarlk

Why OS 3.1 and not OS 3.9?

You are right is it the Acard. Since they are designed for HDD/SSD they work just fine. Had mine in for many years with no issues.

Perhaps it is because I'm using 3.9 with the latest BB4?

I can try switching to just 3.1 and build from their, or I can put 3.1.4 in it...
The only hack i'm using is stackattack.

The last error message I got when using Ami-back to restore from a file on DH0 to the DH2 partition is 8000000B.
Did a quick search on the error and found possible problems:
Max transfer too high - perhaps my is set incorrectly?
Library or program that requires FPU (and using setup without FPU) - Using an 060 with and FPU.
Missing/wrong 68040/060 library if you have 68040+. - Using Phase 5 libs.
Old version of SetPatch - Using BB4 version.

The controller is CS MKIII with the Acard 2000SUP, and a OWC SSD. The SSD is 225GB that is partitioned into an 80 GB boot partition, a 100GB data drive and a spare partition that is bootable and is 40 GB.

Using PFS 3.1 AIO with the normal non DS file system.

block size 512

block size 1024

What is the best setting for Mask, Max, and Block?

Crazy that I can't restore an Ami-back file and have to break it down to smaller pieces. I moved the restore file to a local partition instead of over the network.

Thank you for the help.

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