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As it works in this figure
0x0202/0x0a (4MB Z2 RAM)
0x0202/0x03 (harddisk)
A591/A2091 (Commodore) + DMAC-2 + GuruRom v6.14
=> success (thanks Thomas) omniscsi.device is in the place.

I try another configuration I own in the past...
0x07e1/0x0a (4MB Z2 RAM)
0x07e1/0x0b (harddisk)
GVP Series II (Great Valley Product) + harddrive\GVP_SCSI_v4.15.bin
=> success gvpscsi.device is present

but this one
0x07dc/0x01 (4MB Z2 RAM)
0x07dc/0x0f (harddisk)
RapidFire/SpitFire (DKB) + harddrive\DKB_RapidFire v1.31.bin
=> the 4MB are detected, but not the disk
why ?
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