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do you think an AGA machine could handle/make run at decent speed
one of the old gems (Turrican 2, Shadow of the beast, Lionheart,etc) in overscan/full screen mode?
like ie Assassin or SuperFrog does on original chipset?
Yes, on AGA you could easily run these games at least on full screen (320*256 pixels).

Also all those three games could be improved a lot on AGA.

For example Turrican 2 runs in 16 color mode, so in AGA we could make it a 16+16 color dual playfield game, and use the extra playfield to add an extra 16 color background parallax layer to all levels. So it would look something like Super Turrican on the SNES.

And Lionheart and SOTB use 8+8 dual PF, so in AGA 16+16 dual PF they would get 8 extra colors to both playfields, which would be useful especially for the enemies and other foreground objects, which often "sink" into the background graphics in 8+8 dual PF games.
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