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Back in the day, definitely not.
And part of the reason is Commodore being bankrupt, or software companies assuming it's the machine with no certain future.
These days with titles like Reshoot R, or Rygar, it's probably making Aga machines squeezing their real power.

I'd say, even more then AGA, ECS is highly underrated, and didn't had enough love. It's double the color then OCS, and imho, much bigger difference in look is between OCS and ECS, then ECS and AGA.
If we ignore the gradients, of course, where you can most clearly see the difference in color modes.

Btw, Lionheart is so well done, that even if it was dedicated AGA version, I doubt it will look much improved.... improved - yes, but not sure it would be drastic change.
Unless they change resolution to higher, but if I understud correctly, Aga is pretty slow at higher res.
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