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PFS3AIO v3.1 Final

Thanks mate! It looks exactly what I need!! Yesterday tried to update my file systems on all 3 cf cards I use. 3.1 and 3.1.4 updated with no issues for both pfs3aio 19.2 on 3.1 and FFS 46.20 on 3.1.4. The problem is with my 3.9 system where I also have pfs3 18.5 and when trying to update it to 19.2 it tells me that all dh1 will be deleted!!! Why is that? It doesn’t say anything for dh0 but only dh1. It shouldn’t do that should it? You shouldn’t wipe yr entire disk in order to update the file system. All cf cards are 4gb ones and all work fine.

Any ideas?

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