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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
There is a 50 Hz pulse sent to each dock icon in case it needs to animate. This could cause a basic load on the CPU. But it should be far from "running hot".
Ok, here are the behaviors I'm seeing. NOTE: This is 3.9 running in FS-UAE. I understand that running an emulator may not mirror the app running on actualy hardware.

1. When I run it from startup-sequence the screen flashes an odd orange to white. Same if I create a link and run it from WBStartup.

2. With use the animations get slower. Opening windows cause icons to populate more slowly with time and AmigaAMP performance starts to degrade. When I take it out of WBStartup and run AmiDock, these behaviors disappear.

I run a 2019 13" Macbook Pro which already runs pretty warm because it's an ultra-thin and has poor cooling - y'know, because it's a feature, not a bug. Running FS-UAE the average CPU temp is about 93-95C. With WBDock the average is about 97-100C with fans running full. Temperature really isn't an issue and I can switch on a small desk fan which greatly improves the situation.

I'm not knocking the app. I think it's brilliant and will only improve with time. I love the "dockies" as well. I'm reporting what it does *in my configuration* not someone else's.

I used to have the odd screen-flashing behavior last Spring running "Click-to-Front"from WBStartup but I'm afraid I don't recall what the fix was.

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