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Question 8 GB Compact Flash card

I read the pinned guide:

The 7,87GB limitDescription: Max HDD or card capacity 7,87GB (total drive size).
Applies to: A600/1200/4000 IDE with modern filesystem but original IDE driver (scsi.device)

Reason: CHS addressing is artificially limited to 7,87GB (16383/16/63) by the ATA-specification, therefore larger drives still report 7.87GB size when accessed with CHS. (CHS was made obsolete in ATA-6 in 2002)

Source: Scsi.device, as it only supports CHS addressing. (But when given larger than ATA-standard CHS values, it works correctly up to 128GB.)

So, can explain me what is the easiest way to make the 8GB CF card work on my A1200? Is the scsi.device available in WinUAE and how do I set it up?


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