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Originally Posted by funK View Post
Hey mcgeezer!
Played the latest fix more than a dozen times last night, collecting many B coins and even some E coins, had many bonus screens displayed and the game didn't get stuck one single time! An amazing job you've done there!
I only had this harmless Enforcer hit when exiting from the game, otherwise it was technically perfect:
23-Mag-18  22:58:58
WORD WRITE to  FFFFFC00        data=FFFF       PC: 718DA7FA
USP : 71945F6C SR: 0008  (U0)(-)(-)  TCB: 718D6870
Data: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
Addr: FFFFFC00 718E2A48 00000000 00000000 00000000 00DFF000 718EA256 70002654
Stck: 718EDD42 0000000D 718D9D9C 0000000D 718DEA72 71B58028 00078080 EBE6FBCA
Stck: D098676D A2385CAF 4569B142 75AF4073 B74080B0 3979AF3A 6FB03B70 AC3867AC
PC-8: 48E0FF00 48E0FF00 48E0FF00 48E0FF00 48E0FF00 48E0FF00 48E0FF00 48E0FF00
PC *: 30BCFFFF 205F201F 4E75C0BC 0000FFFF 43EEEB36 D040D040 22710000 23480004
718da7ea :  48e0 ff00                  movem.l d0-d7,-(a0)
718da7ee :  48e0 ff00                  movem.l d0-d7,-(a0)
718da7f2 :  48e0 ff00                  movem.l d0-d7,-(a0)
718da7f6 :  48e0 ff00                  movem.l d0-d7,-(a0)
718da7fa : *30bc ffff                  move.w #-$1,(a0)
718da7fe :  205f                       movea.l (a7)+,a0
718da800 :  201f                       move.l (a7)+,d0
718da802 :  4e75                       rts
718da804 :  c0bc 0000 ffff             and.l #$ffff,d0
Name: "Background CLI"  CLI: "Games:BombjackBeer/bombjack_beer.exe"  Hunk 0000 Offset 0000320A
BJ was one of my favourite arcades back then and your port is really faithful and a joy to play: well done, Graeme!
Glad to hear it is now working and you enjoy the game, it turned out to be my crap code not waiting for the blitter properly when updating the multiplier sprite in the upper panel - thats the reason it crashed whenever that sprite was being updated (collecting a bonus or moving to next round).

I’ll make the fix public in due course (when i have had time to include other fixes too). If you want this particular fix then just pm me for the link.

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