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Hey Nova: Do you know what? I'm playing it!!!
Only a couple of things: when you go to install the 060Aga version it's install script fails saying about a missing
Well, really I didn't need the installation. I used the Scummvm of the drawer and only changed to no sound. I left ALL the rest as it is. I mean, I didn't touched AHI even. It plays at FULL speed. Only the music at the beginning at some moments wasn't playing well, but... for the lights of the HD it was reading it very very fast.

Apart ot this, as I say I didn't change anything... no other monitor types... nothing. I'm seeying it in my Tv. But, the only thing is that the screen is a little "up" in my TV. How do I change it?

I'm very very happy, Nova, and it's really going at full speed. Thank you very much for your work!!!

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