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Google Map of Amiga owners

Hello all,

A few days ago (shortly after I received the confirmation that my ARM-controller for the MiniMig was on its way), I got the idea to create a map of all the MiniMig owners (this was because someone in ARM-thread wondered about how many ARM cards Yaqube had to put together the last few days) ..

Now, I have put together the map, and a few people has already added themselves to it. So far, it is "only" possible to get your location (on the planet), enter some public information about yourself, and add your Amiga-like hardware (Classic, NG, MiniMig, clones) to the map.
What is still missing is some editing features, but these will come shortly (likely during the next week).

The map is located at

A part of the instructions on how to name your "miggys" is in the forum at

The map will work as long as no-one writes something unexpected in some of the text fields (and if this happen, I will try to fix the error in my code, rather than correcting the data from the user). I will still have to validate each user manually, but this also prevents someone from breaking the map with a new entry.

Feel free to put a link somewhere directly on this site for the map ..

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