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Originally Posted by jPV View Post
Hardware mode uses Warp3D, which isn't supported on all graphics cards. Maybe you have a newer card where the legacy 3D support was dropped? In that case you'll have to use the software rendering.
Wazp3D functions decently well with OS 4 with the GFX board that came with my X5000 and this older one I had to use to run MorphOS 3.10, but the Warzp3D Prefs, 68K or MorphOS specific won't run...or rather, won't show the GUI with my MorphOS install. For fun I also moved the wazp libs to SYS:Libs instead of recommended to see if that would matter. But I understand the author of Wazp knows what he's doing so...*Shrug*. I chalk it to the graphics board so far since the Prefs doesn't display.
Software rendering is the only choice for Payback 68K and WOS. So, I think, yeah, this board isn't yet supported. Not a big deal, so far, the Wazp prefs run under OS 4 and so does Payback 68K and WOS (without sound).

I'm more curious than anything else as to what's happening. I'll poke around more this Weekend probably. The Wazp3D install is pretty clear. Using that SnoopDOS type program I can see files needed are being loaded, but I'm wondering...why it stops in that process. The screen first shows a bit garbled, but I can see Payback's Progress Bar where it stops after the 2nd bar. If I flip screens, and return to Payback's...the screen is then Black and the progress bar colors look, indicators of GFX board it looks like.

Yeah, OS4 only supports Peg 2.
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