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Originally Posted by jPV View Post
the Ambient desktop, which is heavily inspired by Directory Opus Magellan.
If only Ambient listers were as programmable (arexx) as DOpus Magellan listers.

Back in the days, I made lister views in DOpus for all kinds of things, from simple IMAP and NNTP client scripts, with DOPus listing my inbox and browsing usenet groups (and double click to read), to lister for displaying and letting me control CD players and play music from MP3 folders on remote linux systems. Last summer I revisited this ability of DOpus listers, but then for doing remote management of virtual hosts at Digital-Ocean via rsh (which Olaf "Olsen" was superkind to create for me over a weekend!) for Roadshow. Sitting on the MiST with PPP over serial link to a Pi Zero (built into the MiST), creating and destroying vhosts at DO using buttons and menus in DOpus, and seeing them come up and vanish in the DOpus lister was quite satisfying If time permits I will work more on that, and I have an idea about how to use the listers for k8s as well... being able to administrate both VMs and k8s-clusters from the MiST sounds amusing
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