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Originally Posted by drwhy View Post
... hmm ...
I have tried to update my MacBook G4 (Tripple installation, MacOS, Linux & MorphOS)
but it fails telling me that there is not enough space left on my Boot-Partition !

... wah ... donĀ“t want to re-install all 3 OSs ...
Yeah, don't re-install everything. I'm sure the problem can be solved other ways.

Check what you have on your Boot: partition. If you have backups of the old MorphOS boot.img files there, they can be deleted freely to make space on the partition. Backups are named like boot_(lotsofnumbers).img (for example, boot_180404124854.img).

If you just have too tiny Boot: partition and there aren't any backups to delete, maybe you could remove the current MorphOS boot.img. Your system won't boot anymore, but if you boot from a CD or USB device for the update, I guess it should copy a new one there when installing. One option would also be to copy the new boot.img manually there and hope that installer recognizes it and doesn't try to make a backup.
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