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I have just set up a boot menu with an entry for "\\bootiso.img bi tmp:morphos.iso" - so I just copy the new latest appropriate boot.img to bootiso.img on the bootstrap partition and rename the latest morphos 3.x iso to morphos.iso on my TMP: partition. Then reboot and select the entry, and off it goes, as if booting from CD drive. From there I just use the installer to update the system.

This is the "blessed" boot menu file for my morphos, macos and linux system (it boots to yaboot and linux by default)

First Stage Bootstrap
: .printf fb8-write drop ;
: bootyaboot " Loading second stage bootstrap..." .printf 100 ms load-base release-load-area " /pci@f4000000/ata-6@d/disk@0:2,\\yaboot" $boot ;
: bootmorphos " Booting " .printf 100 ms load-base release-load-area " /pci@f4000000/ata-6@d/disk@0:2,\\boot.img" $boot ;
: bootmorphosearly " Booting " .printf 100 ms load-base release-load-area " /pci@f4000000/ata-6@d/disk@0:2,\\boot.img bootmenu" $boot ;
: bootmorphosiso " Booting " .printf 100 ms load-base release-load-area " /pci@f4000000/ata-6@d/disk@0:2,\\bootiso.img bi tmp:morphos.iso" $boot ;
: bootmacosx " Booting MacOSX..." .printf 100 ms load-base release-load-area " hd:4,\\:tbxi" $boot ;
: bootcd " Booting CD.." .printf 100 ms load-base release-load-area " cd:,\\:tbxi" $boot ;
: bootof " Entering OF.." .printf 100 ms load-base release-load-area " hd:,\\:tbxi" $boot ;
" screen" output
variable interactive
1 interactive !

0 interactive @ = if

dev screen
" "(0000000000aa00aa0000aaaaaa0000aa00aaaa5500aaaaaa)" drop 0 7 set-colors
" "(5555555555ff55ff5555ffffff5555ff55ffffff55ffffff)" drop 8 15 set-colors
f to foreground-color
0 to background-color
" "(0C)" .printf

" First Stage GNU/Linux Bootstrap"(0d 0a)" .printf
"  "(0d 0a)" .printf
" Press l for GNU/Linux,"(0d 0a)" .printf
"       m for MorphOS, "(0d 0a)" .printf
"       b for MorphOS (no startup-sequence)."(0d 0a)" .printf
"       i for MorphOS (TMP:MorphOS.iso)."(0d 0a)" .printf
"       x for MacOSX."(0d 0a)" .printf
"       c for CD."(0d 0a)" .printf
"       o for OpenFirmware."(0d 0a)" .printf
"  "(0d 0a)" .printf
" Stage 1 Boot: " .printf
get-msecs d# 10 3E8 * +
  key? if
    key case
      ascii l of " l "(0d 0a)" .printf bootyaboot endof
      ascii m of " m "(0d 0a)" .printf bootmorphos endof
      ascii b of " b "(0d 0a)" .printf bootmorphosearly endof
      ascii i of " i "(0d 0a)" .printf bootmorphosiso endof
      ascii x of " x "(0d 0a)" .printf bootmacosx endof
      ascii c of " c "(0d 0a)" .printf bootcd endof
      ascii o of " o "(0d 0a)" .printf bootof endof
  dup get-msecs &lt;
"  "(0d 0a)" .printf bootyaboot

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