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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Yeah I know about trying to boot from OF but that's a pain in the ass every damn time you want to boot. NONE of the G4/G5 PPC Macs boot directly from USB as far as I know, maybe some of the newest G5s do, but definitely not the one I have either, you have to do the OF shit every-single-time
I succeeded booting a correctly prepared installation from a USB stick on one PowerMac G4 (I was able to select it from the Alt menu), but the same stick didn't work same way on Mac mini, for example. Maybe it's some firmware version difference.

Also if you have new enough firmware, booting from an ISO file from a USB stick becomes easier if you use the ud: device. For example, my 1.5GHz Mac mini, 1.42GHz IBook, and 1.67GHz Powerbook boot the iso just with this line (no need to search exact device numbers):
boot ud:,\boot.img bi umsd0:morphos.iso

Gave it a quick look (my iBook's battery is shot so it doesn't last long), and my first impression was that it's not very quick. The fan of the iBook was on all the time, something that doesn't happen with Tiger.
My 1.42GHz IBook doesn't run the fans all the time, only occasionally when I do something more heavy on it. What kind of IBook do you have?

Odyssey took FOREVER to load, how is this even useful? Is this any faster if it was installed proper?
Odyssey initializes fonts when run it the first time. If you have installed system on HD, it doesn't do that again and starts pretty much immediately in normal use. But when you start it from ISO/CD, it naturally can't write the initializing stuff to the drive, and that's why it does it every time in that case.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Would the install method given by the live CD partition the drive without losing teh data on the OSX partition?
No, the automatic installation wipes out the existing data, but here is a guide for dual booting:

I've made dual-boot systems in both ways, if I have first installed MorphOS and if I have first installed OSX. It's pretty straightforward when you know what's needed.

I wonder if this has anything to do with it being running off an ISO on a USB stick, but Odyssey takes forever to start, "reading fonts" or something. Didn't really feel speedy but also didn't really do much else, had nothing much to try (gotta install some Amiga apps see how it works)
Yes, Odyssey doesn't initialize the fonts in normal use on an installed system.

There are many nice programs on the CD to try, see applications, tools, and utilities directories.

You can also install nice stuff via Grunch or download all kinds of things from MorphOS Storage.
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