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So I went exploring in the loft...

... And found my old Amiga! it is an A500+. I pulled it down and went through the box and the rush of memories coming back was overwhelming!

I remember spending hours with my Sister playing Bubble Bobble and Shufflepuk Cafe.

I remember the Chaos Engine, Lemmings, Cannon fodder, Monkey Island!

I remember seemingly breaking a joystick every few weeks

Really good times, I was smiling so much going through this old stuff. I plugged it all in and got the familiar sight of the purple screen floppy disc going into the drive.

I inserted a disc into the disc and it started making noise and the drive light came on, the screen went solid purple and looked to be loading a game however then it simply went back to the disc loading screen. I tried another disc and another until, I had probably gone through 20 of them with no joy the same result each time.

I can only conclude either after 20 years either all the discs are fecked or the drive is buggered. I ordered a cleaning kit from Amigakit and am waiting for that to arrive.

I would like to get it running and play some old games, then I wouldn't mind modifying updating it if I can.

Was hoping I can get some advice on A how to fix it and be if there is anything I can to update/upgrade it.

I still have the originally Bill of Sale too for when my dad bought it at a Computer fair in Earls Court November 1991 He got the Super Galactic Pack £399!

Here are some photos there are a lot more games than what you see.

The other thing I would like to know is what is the easiest way to download games from the web and put them on a disc that can be played by my Amiga?

A quick google suggests it isn't as easy as I had hoped!


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