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Question Installing Lemmings 3?

Hi again

I'm trying to install Lemmings 3 - All New World of Lemmings.
So far I followed the instructions to the letter as it asked (which is a bit strange):

"To Install 'All New World Of Lemmings' on your hard drive.

1. Create an L3 directory on your hard drive.

2. Add the following command to your startup file s:user-startup
on your hard drive :-

assign L3: <your HardDisk path>/L3

3. Reboot your Amiga and run InstallHD from the workbench.

4.After Installation is complete, reboot your Amiga again."

Okay, I can do this. I find the Startup file in Workbench and type in the command line:
assign L3: HD1:L3
slightly different than it asked but it wouldn't work otherwise. HD1 is my games partition.

I don't reboot, otherwise it just says "Please insert volume L3 in any drive" again.
It installs, great!, I now have runHD which I click on.

If I do this without booting it asks "please insert volume programs in any drive" programs is the name is disk 1.
next it talks about can't cancel program, can't cancel classic and the other disk names.
After reboot it just asked for L3 five times (the same amount of disks the game has including the saveloadgame.adf, I'm assuming)

Anyone have any idea on how to get around this, I'd love to be able to have this on the hard drive

Thanks for listening and looking forward to hearing from you!
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