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The AsimCDFS thumbnail icons have only one image, not even a darker second image, all of them are using the same pens and colors, no color mapping or optimization and it seems not even a pen allocation occurs, and these icons are buffered for each CD in AsimCDFS_Buffer: in a separate subdirectory. After once being stored in the buffer they can be reloaded instantly. Delete the buffer subdir and you can see that creating the thumbnail icons takes longer. The thumbnail icons are just linked from the buffer into the drawers with the different sized PCD files.

The method how these images are created is very buggy and the result looks like crap. Sometimes they are losing some of their colors, because they probably never allocated or locked the pens that they use. And there is no guaranty that those pens will still have the same colors when these buffered icons are loaded again.

If you don't use AsimCDFS but WinUAE and Eastern the result looks much better, but it may take a little longer.

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